"I recently started working with Lindsey, and I already adore her. She is a rare and perfect combination of smart, professional, and as warm and sweet as a cup of cocoa on a cold day. When I first met with Lindsey, I was considering a major life change, but I was afraid to make the leap. Lindsey helped me put the change into perspective, but she did it in such a gentle way—she helped me ask the questions that would get to the core of what I was afraid of and to realize that the change was truly the right thing for my future. Instead of telling me what to do, she had me ask myself the right questions to lead me down the path that was appropriate for me. I also trusted her intuition and advice because I knew that she had been in a similar stressful professional field and had the same drive to succeed that I have. I knew she had walked a mile… or a marathon… in my shoes. Lindsey is also a great resource and directed me to some books and blogs to help me in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend her as a coach!"

— CP

"With Lindsey Gabriel’s support and positive encouragement she has transformed every facet of my life. She has guided me with her unique daily practices for life and nutrition to attain personal balance and peace."

— NF

"Working with Lindsey has been such a blessing! No matter what area I may be "struggling" with in my life, she always brings me so much inspiration and motivation. Her listening ear to open up and share, especially when there's so much pressure to "have it all together". She's real and encouraging, which is much needed in mom world"

— BG